Welcome to the myPB data hub, where we share the impacts of participatory budgeting and enable equitable decisions with public money.

This project is part of the Participatory Budgeting Project's Participation Lab.

We're piloting within NYC right now using the projects funded by PBNYC - NYC's PB process. Explore projects in NYC using the explore tab, and learn more about PBNYC on their website. 

Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget in their neighborhood. In the US and Canada 414,000 people have worked together to decide how to spend over $299 Million dollars during the last decade - and we’re just getting started. To advocate to your elected officials to PB, get their contact info here.

Check out the open data:

  1. A list of PBNYC projects voted on from 2012 - 2017 are in NYC open data here
  2. PBNYC project status updates are in this open data set. 

Does your NYC neighborhood do PB?

What do people fund when given the opportunity? Check out how New York neighborhoods are spending public money and explore PB-generated projects here