3/2/18: beta is live!

Test the app at beta.mypb.community

Works best in Firefox, and won't load if you use HTTPS everywhere or force SSL. It's beta! We'd love your feedback here.

About the myPB.community project

Currently, the myPB.community platform uses this set of NYC open data to share local projects put on PBNYC participatory budgeting ballots. It is designed by the Participatory Budgeting Project’s Participation Lab team, and the code will be available on GitHub. We're launching our first release March 4, 2018 [RSVP here], and will expand over 2018. 

Come to our Sunday March 4 launch event during NYC Open Data Week

Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget in their neighborhood.

In the US and Canada 414,000 people have worked together to decide how to spend over $240 Million dollars during the last decade - and we’re just getting started. PB is powerful, but as with any crowdsourced decision or co-design process it is not without opportunities for improvement.

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myPB solves two problems people have in the Participatory Budgeting process:

  1. myPB allows you to track what's happening to a project after it’s funded by participatory budgeting (PB)
  2. myPB shares data to inform your decisions about projects that come up in PB

Track What Happens to a Project

At the moment, PB processes in New York City are mainly limited to capital projects. Government project implementation can be frustratingly slow, especially with capital projects. The lag between project voting and project implementation is often discouraging for participants. To date there have been occasional updates about funded projects on the district level, but nothing that gives a complete view of the status of PB-funded projects city-wide. This is the first issue we are addressing with myPB.

Use Data to Inform Decisions

There is a wealth of localized data that can help us understand which neighborhoods have greater needs than others, and make informed decisions about where to spend public money to address these needs. In the next phase of development, myPB will draw on available demographic and local data. Stay tuned!

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Special thanks to our development partner Sarapis.org and the generous support of our funder Booth Ferris.