What happened to that project I voted for?

It’s a common question we hear from PB participants across North America. The myPB website shares the status of local projects that were proposed and funded through participatory budgeting. 

We're piloting myPB in New York City where residents have used PB to allocate $210 million toward community projects since 2012. Explore the projects put up for public vote here.

    Summary View

    The summary view includes a map and four charts showing the status of  projects by category, votes, cost, and implementing agency with the same filters as the Projects View.

      Projects View

      Voters can see a list view of the status of projects in their district using the ‘Search Address for District’ feature in the filter menu.

        Detail View

        The detail view shows project plans that have worked (and plans that haven’t) to make the project development process easier.

        Check out the open data:

        Does your NYC neighborhood do PB?

        What do people fund when given the opportunity? Check out how New York neighborhoods are spending public money and explore PB-generated projects here